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of the year. scott rates, kron 4 news. >> catherine: the 49ers and raiders were both victorious over the weekend. but one of the coaches is in hot water executive sports producer jason appelbaum is here - to show us what one of the raider's. assistant coaches did. it's probably something most coaches have wanted to do at one time or another.but raiders defensive coordinator jason tarver actually did it.and it was caught on camera. tarver flipped the officials the bird not once but go along with some choice words during the third quarter of the raiders 21-18 win over the steelers now what we would have been talking about had tarver not stole the headlines was this: the longest run ever by a quarterback in nfl history terrelle pryor goes 93 yards game untouched to give oakland a 7-0 lead. it was also the longest play from scrimmage in raiders history the raiders hung on to win 21-18 and improve to 3-and- 4 .as for the niners.they are back from london after winning their fifth straight game wembly stadium packed with 83-thousand fans as the nfl keeps trying to export its produc
its tine for a little reflection.s >> gary: welcome home coach raiders try for.500 feels great, feels great. you get nine days away away. un are backed home and the comfort of your own bed with your and food. the raiders can get to.500 >> gary: raiders can get to 500 4-4 sunday at home against the eagles who will likely not have michael vick at quarterback >> gary: their 21-18 win over the steelers was of course sparked by terrelle pryor's record-breaking 93- yard touchdown run >> a lot of the young guys that we a brat and still have a chip on the shoulder but have a top-notch opportunity to be the best their plan really well together. >> gary: the raiders have the bay area all to themselves. >> gary: talking of course about their outstanding quarterback rick that is it. but the team has also benefitted from an opportunistic defense they picked ben roethlisberger off twice in the 4th quarter sunday many of the raiders top defenders are on one-year contracts and want to show they belong >> gary: would you like to buy a t-shirt for your kid after a prior arrest? >> catherine: not for yo
. police say the incident is not connected to sunday's raiders game, even though it happened nearby. at this time police have no suspect in the shooting. >> a memorial service was held for the santa rosa teen shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. deputies say 13-year-old, andy lopez, was carrying a replica assault weapon when he was shot and killed. the police department later found out that gun wasn't real. >> he had dreams and someone took that away from him. he had a life to live and he only was able to live it to 13. that is hard. >> hundreds gathered at his memorial service sunday. maligned >> a sea of mourners wore white shirts with photos of andy on them. the family says the teen and his siblings are good children that were raised well. they say they will have an account set up for people who would like to donate to andy lopez's funeral. >> the men sampras's go police say shot after an attempted robbery and assault in the marina district remains in the hospital this morning. the incident happened about 1:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. police say that the suspect tried to rob s
's raiders the game, even though it happened at nearby. >> at this time police have no suspect in the shooting. >> in other bay area news this morning a 19 year old-- was a passenger in a group of cars that had stopped to change a tire is vallejos 28 homicide of the year. >> vallejo police say at a route 11:00 p.m. on saturday, the victim was shot and killed by bullets fired from a passing white as you've been with tinted windows. >> four of the people in the group were hit or hurt. would look like john stamos. wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. sounds too good to be true... it's thick, creamy but 0% fat and twice the protein. huh..! where did stamos go? he's here, the oikos are on him. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon. discer cd. i ssed pa. aw, oot. oot! th is d. nowe'rgood this is yo fir tim ssina paent. d yove g thet ca, so we won'hikep yo apr r pang late. th's gat! it igrea thk yo at disver,e trt yolikeyod
, touchdown! raiders! >> two of the nfl's most storied teams and it's the silver and black. highlights and reaction next as the raiders lay down the hammer. it's xfinity sports sunday coming straight at you now!
chase. so you can >> it was a big sunday for both the niners and the raiders --- both teams picking up key wins. but for the raiders.the victory will likely come at a price - at least for one member of the coaching staff executive sports producer jason appelbaum joins me with the story. who has apologized, but who let his emotion get the better of himand will no doubt get dinged in the wallet because of it tarver gave officials the bird and then swore at them during the third quarter of yesterday's win over the steelers he was upset about a penalty. ironically, that was later rescinded. the cbs cameras also come off saw this. he is of course it know shoul have known better. he is going to be expected to be fined at least $40,000. this is what we would have been talking about. the longest run, ever by a quarterback in the n f l history. pryor 93 yards - raiders win now what we would have been talking about had tarver not stole the headlines was this: the longest run ever history terrelle pryor goes 93 yards on the first play of the game untouched to give it was also the longest play fro
, first man to the football. and the red raiders turn it over on downs. >> charles: and there's times when i've watched teams play that i think personality, what is truly your personality. is it, for texas tech, have they established they have the personality of knocking people off the ball on fourth and short and going that way, or are they more the personality of making sure that davis webb throws the ball in something kliff kings ba kingsbury is trying to develop. hasn't taken root yet. oklahoma state wins the battle at the line of scrimmage on that play. >> gus: with 4:05 to go, the cowboys have the football at the 2 yard line. >> charles: welcome home, big james castleman. committed to texas tech before deciding to matriculate at oklahoma state. >> gus: confusion now. >> referee: first charged time-out, oklahoma state. >> gus: the cowboys call a time-out. >> gus: 52-34, the cowboys. oklahoma state trying to improve their record to 7-1, 4-1 in concerns play. their only loss to west virginia, 30-21. the handoff on first down to desmond roland. roland knocked back. it's hard to bring thi
. >> okay. >> well, talking about sports and news coming out of the raiders camp. >> yes. >> i don't think i've seen it. raider was a win yesterday. attention on a raiders coach and his reaction. never seen knit all of my years. we're covering it to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at >>> handing out the one finger salute to officials in a win. he apologized and will be disciplined by the team. came after mike jacobs called to this supposed hit to the head. it appears he was fighting for the ball coach allen stood by his coach. >> i think he's done an outstanding job defense. i think he's a fiery guy. that is what is i think our players have really taken to that. of i think they've embrace that had. offense outscored their last opponent in the first half. raid yirs led at half time yesterday with only 35 yards of offense and one first down. the defense has been out standing this season. >> it's not always about how pret redoes it look? we have a defense playing out
. >>> and next, why tomorrow's raiders game with philly is so big. terrelle pryor knows why as he gets ready to play a coach jalapeÑos, bacon, tomato and avocado. pepp, i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu. to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. piedmont is fighting a crime wave by putting security cameras along the borders. the police department won't say where the cameras are located, but there will be a lot of them. wayne freedman has the story. >> around the out lying intersections in piedmont, look up. george orwell may have called these the eyes of big brother. but not others in this ideal city. >> i think we need big brother to watch us now. >> we have had our highest crime rate in the past eight years. i
are heading to the raiders game tomorrow, no complaints. hazy sunshine. it will be chillier. with daytime highs only in the mid to low 60s and the breeze will be with you as well. also around the state we'll look for 68 for los angeles, 70, fresno. windy near monterey tomorrow, 59 degrees. and yosemite, 59 as well. if you are going east, washington, d.c. enjoys sunshine, a fall like day at 54 degrees. 68 for dallas. and denver, 63 degrees. remember, before you go to bed, it's time to fall back. set your clock back one hour as a return to pacific standard time 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. otherwise we warm up tuesday and wednesday and we cool it down thursday and friday with a slight chance of showers then. >> time to bring out the heavier coats. >>> she was here and a mix of everything. >> the warriors and kings renewed their rivalry. so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can >>> the warriors brought their california tour back hom
. the raiders' young qb sets an nfl record. his head coach thinks there's still major room for improvement. >>> plus, a longtime giants coach on the move? a key figure in san francisco's success is exploring his options. why not? details next from the xfinity sports desk. >>> the doctor sentenced for causing michael jackson's death is a free man tonight. conrad murray left the l.a. county jail early this morning after serving two years of his four-year sentence. nbc reports from los angeles. >> when he came to us, he did his full time. >> reporter: sentenced by the state for four year, it was immediately cut in half when he spent his first night in jail the last day he walked out of the courthouse. >> they get automatically reduced in half by the state. they come to the county jail and sheriff said they're going to do their full time. >> reporter: conrad murray became like thousands of inmates in california, since the federal government mandated the state to reduce prisoners, murray only had to serve two years a fact causing outrage by many offended themselves that murray is out. >> the nu
. we will have the latest kpix traffic coming up. >>> good morning everybody. the raiders had a top ten nfl defense entering their game with the eagles. well, what happened to it? fitting that john maddon was there because it looked like a video game. nick foles tied an nfl record with seven touchdown passes. the raiders' defense had to answer for foles who had previously started just eight nfl games before yesterday afternoon. they blew out the silver and black 49-20. the raiders are now 3-5. >>> scary moment from houston. texans coach gary kubiak collapses during halftime. he was taken to a local hospital. he was listed in stable condition last night. he never lost consciousness. he did not have a heart attack. >>> andrew luck led a 4th quarter come back and the colts beat the texans 27-24? alex smith and the chiefs remain undefeated. a big help from the defense. a pick six at the goal line. one of two chiefs defensive touchdowns. they are 9-0. they win 23-13. >>> and in harding park perry clenched the season. but the tournament belonged to fred couples who coasted to his ninth win.
on sunday night football. we will show it to you. and one unit for the raiders forgot to show up yesterday. sports coming up. >>> and what's cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at coolschools we may feature your school on the show. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. coldbefore the first sneeze help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray and use lysol no-touch hand soap for 10x more protection with each wash. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing. ,,,, >>> good morning. it's your monday, back to work commute. so far there is not much to slow you down. here is 101 traffic near mickey. we will have the latest kpix traffic plus weather in just a few minutes. >>> two groups of skydivers were 12,000 feet above the ground when their planes collided over wisconsi
and novado. if you're going to go to the oakland raiders game? 60s and mostly clear and my guilt. with your your kron 4 7 day around the bay >> jacqueline: my adult --. -- and a slight chance of mild >> some parents and the sacramento suburbs are of finding that an elementary school are finding that it is a up parents are calling a victimizing position. >> this frees position has already been discontinued at this unified school district. they say that it is still taking place and they are siding for what is right for these children. when recess ends the bell will ring and they are told to put their hands on their kneecaps. >> why are we preparing these children to take is up mission position? >> reporter: this was after a complaint. they feel that this is a victimization. >> my daughter assumed this position and perhaps 10 minutes? >> ash you can see from this picture not everybody is in the position at the same time but it is supposed to calm kids down. but these mothers want this position and. >> i do see a better position we are doing eight different opposition. >> the spokesperson says
of sea life. >>> and i'm dennis o'donell, coming up next on "game day" the raiders plan to jump into the wild card race was foiled. >> i don't think he would see that he could throw for seven touchdowns. >> two champions are crowned today. and a hard road the 49ers took to reach a 6-2 record. why they will be even better in the second half. all coming up next on game day. ,,,, when it's time to talk business security, talk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand. dangerous dogs. if it goes through, an online map would show where dogs have been c, within 17 cities. supervisors will vote on the proposal next month. tons-- of dead starfish are washing ashore in californi due to a b n >>> a map will show where dogs were cited in 17 cities. they will vote on it next month. tons of dead star fish are washing ashore. they are calling it sea star wasting disease. it causes them to lose their arms and desingrate. turning them into goo. they found it from las las to southern califo
nick foles. gets seven touchdowns against the raiders. only six other qbs have done that in nfl history. >>> the new york city marathon was a sea of 50,000 runners. it was emotional for many after last year's cancellation due to superstorm sandy. a pair of kenyans. geoffrey mutai and priscah jeptoo took the prize. and a $100,000 prize each. >>> ha do you do when you're losing to your bitter rival? we, it looks like you set fire to their stadium with some flares. the game was delayed ten minutes, if you can believe it as fire trucks settled the flames. >>> just ahead, dylan drier with your forecast. and during leah michele's darkest hours after the death of her love, cory monteith. guess which star invited her into their home? >>> good morning, welcome back, it's getting cold out there right now. it's only 29 in denver, casper, wyoming at 23 degrees, up and down the northwest, we're seeing temperatures in the low to mid 40s. it is still unsettled in parts of the pacific northwest, where we still have a couple of showers, but they're light, not nearly as heavy and not as windy as it was o
this afc north battle right here on wjz. in oakland, the raiders got off to a fast start against the steelers. check out the first play. pryor will fake the hand off and they'll keep it and they'll keep on going. no one will catch him as pryor races 93 yards for the touchdown. oakland gets the early lead and hangs on for a 21-18 victory. the steelers fall to 2-5 on the year. things were looking good for the redskins in denver. they were leading 21-7 in the third quarter, but then it was all peyton manning and the broncos after that. they scored 38 straight points as manning threw four touchdown passes, including this 35- yarder to thomas. denver rolls 45-21 and robert griffin, iii left the quarter after hurting his knee. he was walking on the sidelines after getting checked out. the best finish today was in detroit. the lions trailed the cowboys by 6 points in the closing seconds. stafford hits calvin johnson with a pass. the lions were out of timeouts. stafford hurried to the line, and look what happened. he dove in for the winning touchdown with just 12 seconds to play. detroit
coast oakland raiders quarterback terrell cryer takes one in himself from 93 yards away. the longest touchdown run ever for a quarterback. raiders win 21-18. bad grandpa finally takes down gravity. >> did you put money in there? >> sorry. it didn't work. >> bad grandma nothing but good at the box office this weekend. the movie starring johnny knoxville number one with $32 million. the space thriller gravity slips to number 2. and tom hanks finished in third. >> going into the rockies and other plains as well. maria molina has your first degree weather update. >> you are right. we are talking about a storm system developing out west. this system doesn't just have snow but also areas of rain and strong winds associated with it. we have a number of winter chill warnings in effect. we have a winter storm warning for parts of montana. we are watching this storm system as we head into tuesday. severe weather damaging winds large hail possible. temperature wise on the cold side and backside of this system. 42 for your high only in the 40's in minneapolis. to the south 80s. >> it is 11 minut
. will host at arrowhead stadium. >>> jerome prior set the raiders team record for the longest run beating bo jackson's run in 1989. also the longest run for a quarterback in the modern era in morn history. other record was in 1996. the raiders won 21-19. jonathan. >>> criticism of obama and his administration over the nsa spying allegations. just ahead. plus. >> i'm libby duff, the effects that sand mining is having on the environment and people's lives. >> and welcome back to al jazeera america. here are the top stories this sunday night. a critical part of the affordable care act went down tonight. unclear how long it will take to fix that problem. >>> the syrian government has met an ambitious deadline, coming three days early, a critical step to eventually destroy syria's arsenal. >>> rock leader lou reed passed away at the age of 71. his agent said his death was related to a recent liver transplant. >>> nsa's strained transatlantic ties. a german magazine claims that the u.s. was tapping angela merkel's cell phone for more than a decade. >> when president obama spoke at brandenburg gate
they have embraced that. >> raiders got to become a better second half team to make rawn. offense out scored last 4 opponent. out scored 63-10 in the second half. raiders led at half time yesterday hand only 35 yards of offense and second half here. put too much pressure open the defense which has been outstanding this season. they have 5 sack 2 interception yesterday. call this winning ugly. no not always about how pretty does it look. the ultimate goal is to win the football game. we had a defense this was playing outstanding in the football game. and the only chance that they had to get back in the game was for to us make the miss the and give those opportunities. >> frienders back from honor done today. bye week. trade dead line is tomorrow and this may on the block. healthy past few games and shared dissatisfaction on social media. big though no with harbaugh. don't press send. 49ers several players on injured list so stay tune. monday night football. rams hosting seattle third quarter. under thrown. comes back up. goes 80 yard for the this and ram drive down. fo
in ages, raiders have themselves a quarterback who oozes confidence. charisma and he can make you take notice. but just don't compare him with any of the up and comers in the nfl. >> he's terrell pryor, he's unique. he's not somebody else that somebody might want to compare him too. we know what his strengths are and we know where his weaknesses are. i think each and every player is unique in and of himself. we have to do a great job to put him in position to make plays. >> raiders fun to watch. 3-4. looking all right. that's the sporting life. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the ktvu morning news starts at 4:30 a.m. as we leave you a special goodbye to rocky ruiz is retiring from ktvu after 37 years he's been with us on the studio. rolling prompter, sports directing. we're going to miss you rock. good night. avo: at volkswagen we believe everyone deserves a better car. and now, during the "sign then drive" sales event, you're closer to yours than ever. like the turbocharged tiguan the midsize passat or the 34 highway mpg jetta. and every new 2014 volkswagen comes wi
, raiders have themselves a quarterback who oozes confidence. charisma and he can make you take notice. but just don't compare him with any of the up and comers in the nfl. >> he's terrell pryor, he's unique. he's not somebody else that somebody might want to compare him too. we know what his strengths are and we know where his weaknesses are. i think each and every player is unique in and of himself. we have to do a great job to put him in position to make plays. >> raiders fun to watch. 3-4. looking all right. that's the sporting life. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the ktvu morning news starts at 4:30 a.m. as we leave you a special goodbye to rocky ruiz is retiring f >> today on "tmz," chris brown is in huge trouble. he is arrested in jail and could go to prison because he may have violated probation by allegedly breaking a guy's nose. >> on the plus side, at least he didn't hit any women. we know that for sure. >> cee lo, he's happy. he's cleared of his sexual assault charges. >> do you get nervous talking to chicks? because of all these allegations?
baskin to please give them a call. >>est laves seen wearing an oakland raiders shirt and fishing hat. >>> clear skies out there now around the bay area, even clear along the coast. there's no fog to speak of there might be a little valley fog. but more sunshine tomorrow. it's going to get colder tonight. 46 in santa rosa. 45 in napa. pretty chilly in the north bay. tomorrow morning, as this morning went, we'll be pretty chilly, santa rosa downtown 38 degrees. 43 in vallejo. you get the idea. tomorrow is another cool start to the day. but we're going to get more sunshine tomorrow. temperatures, today in the mid- 60s, even upper 60s. tomorrow, we're going to see low 70s. we'll talk specifically about the forecast for halloween, and we'll talk about the bay area weekend, temperature forecast. we'll see you back here. >>> a building boom in contra costa county. tonight at 10:30, evidence of a growth spurt that some say walnut creek may not be big enough to handle. >> how some hardened criminals have damaged the building process. "never again grace elizabeth" life insurance from new york
in the third. >>> raiders, they beat one pennsylvania team in pittsburgh last sunday, can they beat another in philadelphia this sunday to improve to 4-4? after leading 21- 3 they held on for dear life down the stretch to beat the steelers. they have to improve on third down in the passing game and terrelle pryor knows it. >> tom bray dehad it this week. it happens, we're not dwelling on that. we can make a lot of plays and a lot of plays to be had. >> eagles reeling so this would be great if the raiders could finish the first half of the season 4-4. >> remarkable. >> thanks. >> that's this edition of abc - hmm. shirley, did you ever date roger ebert? - excuse me? - nothing. britta, did you ever take pictures of your feet and post them on the internet for money? - sha-ha! no. - guys, this history final is going to be killer.
in the bay. the raiders are playing at 105, sunshine and breezy at 66 degrees and game time. you see the low carving a notch out of the high pressure there and some high clouds on the way. aside from, that looking good toward the coach and to -- coast. sunny and brisk, a mild start to the risk, cooler and some clouds by thursday. partly cloudy skies and 70 degrees in the central valley and today, san francisco with 62; santa rosa, 67; livermore, 68 and that is nice. the forecast, a lot of sun and until thursday, friday, and saturday. doesn't look like a drop of rain. >> all right. >> and that is dry this year. >> bravo. >> a comment, eventually. >> and a brilliant performance. >> i'll be back to rephrase it. >> thank you. >>> san francisco supervisors are waging a war on sugary drinks. they want a sucharge each can or bottle sold in the city and the money would pay for health and nutrition programs for youth. >> sugar is terrible for you. i feel if people would stop drinking if there were extra. >> or would they? similar tax measures were defeated last year in richmond and almonte. >> it's a
collapsing it's down there from houston they go on to drop their 6th straight. 27-24. raider rs taking on the eagles. it was the colts the eagles quarterback shutting down the raider's defense for a record tieing 7 touchdown passes. connecting with riley cooper for three of his 7 touchdowns. finishing the became 406 yards, 7 touchdowns no interceptions. >> it was a double victory for kenya at the new york city marathon. thousands ran after last year's marathon was canceled because of super storm sandy. security also tight after april's boston marathon bombing. here is video of bill ransic crossing the finish line. he started the race head last f -- dead last. every person he passed they gave money to charity. pamela anderson there, too, the former bay watch star posting this photo. she ended in under 6 hours. i can image you would feel that way. >> the jets also won. >> our team. yeah>> the coldest temperatures so far this season. >> ma roa molina is in the weather center with more. >> by the way. my team won, too, gloflorida st on saturday. all of our teams won this weekend. if you ar
of a new stadium for the raiders in concord is a reality. that's tonight at ten. >>> gay right supporters say they are confident that the senate will pass a bill preventing employers from discriminating against workers. they say that the employ act reflects the growing support for gay rights. a survey found by near a two to one margin nerines believe homosexuality should be accepted. however, if the senate approves the bill there is still worry over what will happen in the house. >> tomorrow's security will be tighter than usual at the new york city marathon. the police department came up with a new plan after the deadly boston marathon bombing in april. hundreds of police will be posted along the marathon route. the department also plans to use helicopters, scuba divers, bomb sniffing dogs and hundreds of cameras to make sure it goes safe. >> for sure what's happened in boston was painful and as an athlete we always feel free and more security, i'm okay. i'm feeling okay. i see everything will go well. >> last year the marathon was canceled because of sandy. >>> marin schools are gett
for the oakland raiders has apologized for the obscene gesture he made on the field in sunday's game against the steelers. now, he made that gesture twice while protesting a referee's call in the third quarter of the raiders' 21-18 win over the steelers. there it is. he says he was in the heat of the moment. he now regrets what he did. well, the national football league is reportedly considering a hefty fine. it could be tens of thousands of dollars. >>> a meeting will be held about the money problems of the moraga orinda fire district. according to a financial audit, the district failed to reserve more than $2 million in general fund reserves. the mine was supposed to be use -- money was supposed to be used to repay debt. earlier, officials decided they were gonna cut daily staffing from 19 down to 17. that's expected to save about $550,000 this fiscal year. >>> it is 7:11. jury deliberations start today in the trial of 18-year-old max wade. he's the teen charged with stealing the luxury car of a celebrity chef and also of attempted murder. yesterday, celebrity chef guy fieri testified he n
los raiders estaran recibiendo a las aguilas de filadelfia.... oakland esta 3 y 4 en la campaÑa y en su calendario se vienen rivales que podrian permitirle soÑar en alguna contienda en la postemporada.... entre sus rivales a modo estan: giants, texans & titans.... wipe vo --por su parte los 49ers de san francisco la semana pasada derrotaron a jacksonville, partido jugado en inglaterra por la octava semana... fue su quinto triunfo al hilo para llegar a 6-2 en la campaÑa; este domingo estaran descansando... . aldon smith quien ya se incorporo al equipo tendra que ganarse la titularidad para el proximo partido que sera frente a las panteras de carolina... ===chroma key=== jf topvo ---tiempo de la ultima pausa pero al regresar, se atreveria usted a recurrir a los hechizos para obtener el amor que desea? en un reportaje especial, conozca que hacen algunas personas para lograrlo. segment ends blanca ---cree usted que se conseguir amor y dinero por medio de hechizos? ---pues algunas personas aseguran que es posible a traves de estos rituales. ---raymond mesa tiene la historia. take pkg 0
and they win 23-13. and eagles, nick foles had seven touchdowns against the raiders, o only six other qbs have done that in nfl history. new york city marathon, more than 50,000 runners. emotional for many after last year's cancellation due to super storm sandy. a pair of kenyans take the men's and women's titles. and they get a $100,000 prize to boot. what do you do when you're losing to your bitter rival? well, evidently what they do here is they set fire to their stadium during the game with flares in serbia. and then they taunt them by dancing around the inferno. that game was only delayed ten minutes. >> that's it? >> that's all it took the fire trucks to get in there. soccer is a little different in knows places. >> just a little. thanks. >>> and now for a look at the weather, here is bill karins. dylan dreyer. so this weekend i got out my winter coat finally. >> it's time. we've been in the transition period where it's what coat do you wear. either too warm or too cold, and now it's officially twerp coat season. but, yeah, the coldest air working into the northeast today and it will act
game. he threw for seven 2, ds against the oakland raiders. he is the seventh player to do it, and second this season. manning threw seven in september. >>> the wild were 4-0 at home against the new jersey devils. they would only last for a minute of the game after he crashed into the board. mitchell was penalized for the tribe. josh harding made 19 saves and was lucky the devils didn't score in the second period. the goal as they claimed their fifth win in the last six games. >>> traditional thai boxing has reigned supreme in the country but now it now has a beating from a young up start. mixed martial arts is changing the rules of the game, leaving purists fuming. >> a 500-year-old tradition originally used by royal thai soldiers, m mai tai is practiced as modern thai kickboxing. it also serves as one of the three martial arts ma makes up mma. light on tradition and heavy on glitz, live mma has arrived in bangkok. will it knock out the traditional form? >> i don't think mma will take over muaytai. but i think it has a strong presence around the world. >> global appeal doesn'
facilities. last seen wearing oakland raider's shirt, a fishing hat and blue pants and black boots. >> happening right now, the senate foreigns relations committee is holding a hearing on syria. this is a live picture of the chairman of this committee senator off new jersey. several middle east experts are there to testify including a chemical weapon's expert. and just this morning, there is a report that syria has destroyed all of its equipment to produce chemical weapons. that's according to an announcement this morning for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the next step is for syria to submit a detailed plan for the destruction of chemical weapons stockpile. >>> a strong earthquake hit eastern taiwan hours ago. 6.6 earthquake caused buildings to sway in the capitol. >> 7:49. this coming saturday recreational crab season will begin. set out crab pots or hoop nets. others will use loop nets on the end of a fishing poll. sports fisherman have to make sure the grabs they catch are bigger than 5 across. >> a lot of people looking forward to that. >>> 7:49. let's check in with sal.
in the history of the nfl by a quarterback as well as the longest run in raider history. they beat the steelers 21-18. there goes collin capper nick. ran for 2 touchdowns. they now head into the bye week. they are riding high with a 5- game win streak. >>> alex blaylock made his first nhl start in ottawa. justin bronx set up 1 of 5 goals. they beat the senators 5-2. the sharks have the most point in the nhl as they collected their 10th win of the season. that's it, everybody. i'm dennis dow value. don't forget, another world series game tonight. have a great day. >>> go back to london for play of the day. it's halftime with the 9ers beating the jaguars. . do you see something wrong with the flag wavers? look closely. they're out of order. the r and the second a are in each other's places. can you tell? the flags spell -- >> another thing gone wrong for the jags. still have not won a game this season. >> what's weird. that is where the jaguar, not the animal, but the car originated, was in england. incredible. >>> still ahead on kpix, new allegations against the -- accusing the u.s. of snooping
go. they are not going to catch pryor. 20, 10, 5, touchdown raiders. >> the great voice of craig papas. the 93-yard have you been a new nfl record. longest ever by a quarterback. the traders only a game outset wild card spot. who would have thought. joining me is san francisco's strait president les wong. the need for helping people get educated even when they have mental challenges. this is in honor of big rowen to help people educate at san francisco. >> he was a legend on cam p. i regret not having the chance to meet him but heard close to four decades the he was an inspiration for student athlete, for football players, for students in general. he is just a wonderful emblem for the university. >> san francisco state, tough economic times. difficult to get educations. >> clearly, we want to make sure that students who want an education have that opportunity. they can come to a school with an incredible reputation and they are going to get a great education. rowen, of course, is raising money so we can get kids less fortunate to get educated. >> there is a hall of famer on this
passes for 406 yards in the win over the oakland raiders. he became the 7th passer with 7 td tosses in a game. how about buffalo the bills have won five of th out of the last x against the chiefs. intercepted by shawn smith and watch him go 100 yards for the pick six. >> ththe fourth quarter now. the chiefs continue to prove why they have the best defense in the league. marcus cooper forces the fumble and watch the big fellow. on his 29th birthday he scoops and scores. they are 9-and-0 for the first time since 2003. >> every win you get in the national football league is a goodwin. is a good win. we rallied in the fourth quarter and did things better than we did early. the two touch doedownswere impo. >> roethlisberger dumps one in the end zone and a 24-24 ball game. tom brady 432 passing yard first time throwing for three or more touch downs this season. he had four today. with the patriots up and a five-yard touch down run and pats roll 55-31. >> the seattle se seahawks are f to their best start in history. wilson has never lost at home. wilson is 11-and-0 at home as a starter. th
. in the eagles shockingly easy 49-20 win over the raiders. foels connected with riley cooper to be the seventh patter with passes. >> the chiefs down 10-3 gl geoff tool makes a booble. interexhibited by south australian smith & wesson. wach him -- by geoff smith. the fourth quarter. the chiefs prove why they have the best defense as marcus cooper forces a fumble, and tamber hali scoops and scores. >> all in all, everyone you can get in the national football needs a good win, we rallied in the fourth quarter and did things better than what we had done early. the two touchdowns were important. >> the seattle seahawks were off to the best start in history. today's comp against the buccaneers. quarter action seattle down 17 until russell wilson quicks the qb keeper in to the score. seahawks down 10. late in the fourth, wilson to baldwin. a touch done for seattle. wilsons, 19 of 22, 217 yards, two int scores. >> overtime steven how's kerr, from 27 yards out sends the game into a final. the seahawks come back from 21 down. it's the biggest come from behind in franchise victory. >> similar to when he
page and we cot hundreds of -- got hundreds of comments. raider said it is one night. who are you to be the judge on weight. get a life. >> and another person said she should give out healthy treats to all of the children. can you imagine the ridicule they'll be facing when their friends get a treat and they get a letter. another person said she needs to mind her own business who has no life and needs to get one. leave these kids alone on lien. >> go over to the wusa 9 facebook page and opine. >> you know what, i remember there was all somebody in the neighbor that would give out money, like pennies, because they ran out of candy. >> the people i didn't like were the fruit people. who are the people with the fruit? >> they want you to be healthy. >> they are just making us mad. >> the greatest thing i can give you is a forecast. so we'll start off with a look at the michael and soon weather cam. we have a knew clouds over the national mall. it is 57 degrees at reagan national. the winds are calm. that means we don't have any wind out there at the moment. the dew point is 54, which
of the scrimmage, longest run by quarterback in nfl history, which got the raiders going beating the steelers 21-18. >>> here's a look at the standings. cincinnati running away with it, winning four straight. now 6-2. ravens in cleveland, 2nd and 3rd. they are slowly moving on up. >>> hey coming up, we've got much more to go once the man, proving the rockies, mike shanahan right there. he returns as the enemy today. but gives a little love in the beginning of the game. more on that when game [ male announcer ] we know heat control means everything in cooking. that's why we reimagined the range using a tri-ring burner. from the lowest simmer, to the hottest sear, nothing can stop you from achieving the perfect dish... almost. ge. reimagining home. visit bray & scarff and save 10% on select ge cooking appliances when you buy two or more. hurry in for this limited time offer. ♪ >>> a lot of memories here. it's very easy to get on out here with the football games. >> all right, that is mike shanahan, talking about the old stomping grounds. they won 146 games, two super bowls in denver. all right,
a look at this and a raider shirt with his name on it as well as the that st. " i got pryor's br." it's selling like hotcakes. ---terell pr yor. >>darya:top stories we are following on this wednesday morning. as hundreds gather to say goodbye to a sonoma county teenager killed by a deputy last week. protestors marched in the streets, demanding justice for andy lopez. details of the rally coming up. and police are searching for someone who could hold the key to understanding lynne spalding's death at san francisco general hospital. taking a live look at walnut creek this morning. we are looking at another cooler day today. here's erica with a look at our forecast. it is cool. but we will see warm water into the afternoon. looking ahead as we head into the weekend, high pressure is building an elbow by the storm track to our north. we don't have any right to talk about for the next several days. of bringing the 7 day around the bay forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. here's the george. >>george: good morning. there's word of an accident in the berkeley the accident at univer
for the eagles against the raiders sunday in place of the injured >> jacqueline: why haven't you been on the soup, yet? >> gary: i love the soup! people o in our audience is goig...whay what? >> gary: the head of officiating says the nfl's competition committee likely will review the league's taunting rule this offseason and that touchdowns that draw taunting penalties might be taken away on monday night seahawks receiver golden tate received critcism for his taunting on this 80-yard touchdown catch seahawks head coach pete carroll has already said he is 100-percent against such a rule change the rule football >> we worked our butts off. so it is cleared for us to win for s hard as we work. >> gary: he felt so full of anchor when he walked away from football. he signed a $23 million contract skidded $600,000 over six months to satisfy a request from france and he began to sour over the game. rolando mclean. he felt like one that killing someone. enjoy your dinner and we will be back female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta
's called. from a raiders in real communications and satellite based in digital navigation. . but there have been delays want the system and supporters of the program were read it will be increasingly starved for funding. we will take a quick break. multiple people. following the latest out of menlo park a funeral today for the couple that was killed by an alleged a drunk driver. and today is halloween. we'll tell you just how much money american's are spending on the spooky holiday. and as a going to rain on here halloween. probably not but let's confirm with erica critic of morning. >>erica: could morning guys. the looking at temperatures we are seeing 40's and low 50s. we really have been dropped into the thirty sprint you probably need to put a jacket over the kids and the costumes. as we head into the afternoon your temperatures will range from about the upper 50s along the coast line to the mid '70s inland. we are going to see it clear skies and light winds by later on tonight. how have a full breakdown of the orchard country forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. here's georg
available to season ticket holders at levi stadium. >> michael vic will start sunday against the raiders but dennis allen is still worried. at >> the red sox last night this was the first time they had fled the world series at home sent 1918. there were a few reports that an overturned car here and little drunken as that there but most elite people were peaceful with pants hiked adding police officers, good for the city of boston. july after celebrating the team's world series title. >> did their throats a three m m party after the celebration of the world series. >> death st matt williams is now officially the manager of the washington nationals replacing johnson. >> matt williams is one to try his hand and leading man he is a new manager of the washington nationals. july once again the warriors will play the clippers. >> i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched.
is a coliseum. football is back. eagle necessary town to take on the raiders. we should see partly cloudy conditions, breezy with temperatures in the low 60s. let's take a look at that accuweather seven-day forecast. daylight saving ends tomorrow night. set those clocks back and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. sunday and monday, probably the coolest days in the forecast. a little bit of a bump tuesday and wednesday and a slight chance of rain possibly temperatures night. for now, it's going to remain dry. >> hi, mike. we've got one problem in milpedes. i'll goat to problem in just a one moment. as you take a look right now, making that drive in the westbound direction, 5 miles per hour along 205 just as you come up to 580. once you get into the pass, speed does pick up and you are going to see a pretty clear drive as you make it into livermore and pleasanton. we have a sig alert that will be around until approximately 6:00 this morning. between one and two lanes are blocked off right now. this is due to an earlier fatal accident in the construction zone. unfortunately one of
, rich monday and fran. football, we've got the eagles taking on the raiders. should be nicer than last week. temperatures in the loaf low 60s. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. wa you're going to see the this area of high pressure is going to give away as we head into the weekend sxp when it does give away, we're going to have temperatures drop as far as about five to ten degrees by sunday and monday. the checker won't work. i'll wrap up right now. here's layla. >> mike is doing his best over here. >> batteries. i need batteries. >> we've had two sig alerts, one of which is only going to protect you if you are heading out to lake tahoe. as we take you into that area, eastbound side of 180. all lanes remain blocked with a 13 mile back updue to a three-car crash involve ago big rig. it was carrying fruits and vegetables. all eastbound lanes still remain blocked. no word yet as to when that's going to get picked up. now back into the bay area, northbound 680 at scott creek road. we have this sig alert in effect. 7 miles per hour is going to be to happen your top speed due to an ea
to begin in san mateo county for former 49er and raider, harris. harris is accused of assaulting his boyfriend during an argument at a menlo park restaurant last january. the former offensive tackle admitted he was gay shortly after the incident and said he kept his sexuality a secret during his entire pro football career. harris played 5 seasons for the 49ers and won with the raiders. >>> celebrity chef fiati is expected in a marin county courtroom. around 1:30 he'll be testifying against the teen accused of stealing his lam -- lamborghini. in april of 2012, wade shot at a girl and her then boyfriend. wade was upset the girl did not have romantic feelings for him. >>> time is 8:18. the state senate is about to hold a hearing on pg&e's analling pipeline system -- aging pipeline system. after they won approval to run a pipeline under san carlos back online after an engineer raised concerns about its safety. this pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno killed 8 people and destroyed 38 houses. state senator jerry hill of san mateo will be chairing today's hearing. >>> it is 8:18. i wan
and the 7th nfl player to throw them and the other was peyton manning and beat the raiders 41-20. and they helped fuel the chiefs undefeated season this far and not their own but the other team's backup quarterbacks and buffalo did not have the tools to keep smith from picking him off and returning 100 yards and the longest he did this since it happened in 1977. tool was the fourth backup the chiefs faced in five weeks and he serves up the 30st birthday gift who scoops it up and wins 23-13 and 9-0 for the first time since 2003. much has been made about the rise of bullying and harass -- harassment and the miami dolphins locker room and the tackle jonathan martin is away from the dolphins after some incident in the dolphin's cafeteria. after an internal investigation and representatives of martin they suspended ritchie for unspecified conduct detriment toll the team and he served as the quote ring leader of an on going harassment campaign against martin since drafted in 2012. and tigers have dipped in the past to select a manager and hired brad to replace leyland on the bench a
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